Guard Rail Systems

Northwest Barriers has been one of the lead guardrail installers in the State of AK for the last 15 years. All our materials meet the Buy American standards confirming that they are made in the United States, and all materials come with Certified paperwork from their vendor showing the origin and materials breakdown.

We have experience installing W-Beam, Thrie-Beam, Short Radius, Long-Span, and Core-10 Guardrail (non-galv), as well as Parallel End treatments like the MSKT and SOFTSTOP. Northwest Barriers also has proficiency with Cable Guardrail systems, specialized Bridge Railing, and Pedestrian Cable Railing, and pride ourselves on using the best, most cost-effective products.


Bridge Rail

Bridge Rail is a specialty line item that is used on bridges to provide a lilighter-weightarrier for cars and pedestrians. Northwest Barriers is able to provide the materials to install based on the design spec specific for whatever job you are doing.

Temporary Guardrail Installation Available